What An Incredible Life

Waking up another day and getting the opportunity to become better than I was yesterday as a son, person, boyfriend, brother, and any other area of my life.

Getting to wake up and have the opportunity to chase my goals and dreams. Having another opportunity to see a new day.

The chance to spend quality time with family, friends, or my girlfriend. Living a life that I love and truly enjoy.

These are all things that I’m truly grateful for in my life. Living a life of immense gratitude is an incredibly beautiful thing.

I have a daily journal that I write down my tasks, goals, and schedule. A couple of months ago I switched it up and added a Gratitude part for the end of every day.

This was probably the best thing I ever did. I write down three things every day that I am grateful for.

Sometimes I have to think about it a little and see what I did since I woke up.

Most days it’s pretty small, simple things for me. An example of one day might look like this:

• Having another opportunity to become better

• Went golfing with Dad/Brother or spent the whole day with my family or girlfriend

• Woke up

These are all relatively simple things in a normal life.

To me though it’s everything.

Some dread waking up and going to work again. The long commute back and forth. I get it sometimes you’re just not in the mood or it can get redundant.

I just see it from another view and I can tell you life is truly better this way.

Sometimes I have a hard time fathoming that all of this real and we all get to experience something so great.

It honestly puts a smile on my face whenever I think about it because of how awesome this all is.

We all have a completely new chance to make a dent in our goals or the world around us when we wake up.

We get this opportunity every time we wake up! How incredible is that?!

Life is so awesome being genuinely grateful for the extremely simple things in life.

If you aren’t writing down or expressing what you’re grateful for in your life I would suggest you start right after reading this.

What are you grateful for?

Be Great,


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