It’s A Way of Life

When someone mentions the term “salesman”, almost everyone immediately thinks of the sleazy car salesman that hypes up a crappy car and just wants your name on a document. Consumers envy the stereotypical sales person because of this, when in reality, there is some type of sale going on in every situation. We are all sales people in our own way.

Interested in someone to potentially be your significant other? You’re selling that person to say yes.

Going out to eat with friends? You have to sell your friends on what you think is the best place to go eat at.

Buying a new house and need a mortgage? The bank needs to be sold that you can make the monthly payments.

We sell others not just on what we say, but what we do, how we hold ourselves, and even the clothes we wear. Our appearance is selling to others on who we are. There is an extremely rare occasion where I would go out in public in just gym shorts and a t-shirt. I take my appearance seriously because you never know who you might come across in public. It could be a business owner looking for a position to be filled, someone to partner with on business deals, or even a potential friend. You don’t want to lose the person’s interest before you even start talking. Not saying you have to be dressed in a suit everyday nevertheless putting more care into your appearance could make a big difference.

Once I started to realize that selling to others is a part of life, I began to make it a priority. Learning to sell can have an impact on your life, even if it’s just simple everyday decisions. It’s not about being sleazy or dirty but proving to others that you or your choice of something is the best option.

Thanks and Be Great,


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