Enjoy Your One Shot

We have one shot at life. We’re all going to die one day and there’s no way around this fact. Life is short and we only have a certain amount of time on this planet.

So go all in on everything that brings you joy and people with positive energy.

If you don’t like your job, quit and go find a different one! We spend a huge majority of our time at work so finding something that you enjoy is critical.

Find a job that you’re so passionate about that it’s fun and doesn’t feel like work.

I have worked a job that I despised going to and can say that it drained all the other areas of my life. It was the worst going into every shift not wanting to be there.

The day I quit that job I vowed to myself to never be at a job that I didn’t enjoy. I enjoyed my last job and currently like where I work now.

I’m more positive in other areas of my life and I actually like going to work. It really makes a huge difference if we enjoy our work.

If you don’t know how to make your work more enjoyable, come up with activities or challenges to be competitive with coworkers. One of my weekly goals is usually pertained to my job so I can challenge myself while I’m there.

All of this not only pertains to just our job but every aspect of life.

Life is way too short to have anything negative in your life!

Make life fun!

Be Great,


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