Let’s Talk About Money

It’s said by many to be evil and not that important in our life. For some people it controls their happiness and for others, it’s nothing to them. Our mindset on money is critical to how we view it and what we do with the amount we have. We use money in almost every situation on a daily basis.

So what exactly is it?

To start at the foundation, it’s a piece of paper or metal that we use as a medium for things we want or need. The only reason we have money is because it’s an easier form of exchange than the other ways we used in the past.

Money isn’t real, it’s literally just a piece of material. It’s not evil, happiness, greedy, or anything like that. Money is whatever the owner makes it to be.

Money is however two things in this world.

It Magnifies Us

If there is an extremely mean, arrogant person you know that may not have much money, add money to the equation and it just makes this person an even meaner, more arrogant person at a larger level.

On the other side, you may know someone who goes out of their way for others because they enjoy doing it, but doesn’t have much money. This person will be more generous and helpful when they have additional money they can use to help others.

Using it as a Tool

Among some things, money can be used to help others, have financial security, or give someone a gift.

We can go buy new clothes for a homeless person, pay for someones meal, or fill up someones gas tank.

We could use the money from a job, business, or side hustle to have a cushion from anything bad that may happen financially. Investing it in different markets to create more money for us is another way to use it as a tool.

I can go drive to the nearest store and buy a gift for my girlfriend or family members that I know they will enjoy. Money isn’t the root of my happiness, but using it to bring joy to others makes me happy. You can make someones entire day when using your money in different ways.

It Is Important

I hear the saying “Money isn’t everything” quite a bit and I’m sure you do to. I understand why people say this type of stuff. I’m not saying this point of view is wrong at all. I agree money isn’t the root of happiness, but it is extremely important. To anyone who says money isn’t vital in our life, this next section is for you.

How do we keep the heat running in our house? What’s the only way to put gas in our car? What do you use to pay for food? When sick, what do we use to pay back the hospital bills? Why do you continue to go to work every week?

Looking at these questions, money is the only form of exchange unless people are using something completely different I know nothing about. So I would say money is pretty important in our life.

Having a lot of money isn’t an absolute necessity, but I don’t want to be scraping by week to week just to make sure I barely have enough. I want financial security to where I have a line of comfort knowing that I will make it out the other end.

What is money to you?

Thanks and Be Great,


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