From Good To Great To Unstoppable

You see people all the time going completely all in on their goals. They don’t stop no matter what. They keep pushing and pushing until the goal is met.

It always seems these people achieve another insurmountable goal that is placed.

They rise to the top and keep doing more.

It’s almost incredible how these people just keep pushing.

It’s about being 100% relentless in what your trying to achieve.

This post is about the book Relentless: From Good To Great To Unstoppable by Tim Grover. He is a world famous trainer who has worked with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and other professional athletes. This book is one of my favorites that I’ve read so far.

This book is brutally honest, and direct so if you decide to read it, get ready.

Cooler, Closer, Cleaner

Tim makes a three-tiered system for the different types of competitors.

Cooler: Careful, waits to be told what to do, watches what everyone else is doing, and then follows the leader.

Closer: This person will get the job done if put in the right situation and tell him exactly what to do.

Cleaner: They don’t wait to be asked, they do it. Everybody already knows who is in charge. They always want more. Cleaners make the competition study them, because they know they can handle anyone.

Want to achieve great success in your life and crush every goal you set?

Want to become the person everyone looks to in emergencies?

Become a Cleaner.


A Cooler is never in a situation where he has to be “clutch”.

A Close is “clutch” in high-pressure situations.

A Cleaner is always “clutch.”

If you want to become a Cleaner, pressure is going to be your right hand man.

You need to thrive under pressure. Not just from bosses, coworkers, or friends, but also yourself.

Cleaners always want to attack and conquer the situation.

They control the pressure they feel, and never look to anyone else to control it.

Own the pressure.

Don’t Recognize Failure

Thomas Edison tried 1,000 different ways to create the light bulb, and failed at all of them. He tried a different way and succeeded.

If you didn’t achieve something right away, you didn’t fail, you just learned how not to do it.

There’s more than one way to get what you want.

Failing is an opportunity to manage and control the situation, making it your advantage, and accomplishing something everybody else said was impossible.

Failure is strictly something that happens when you decide you failed. Until that point of giving up, you’re just finding more ways to accomplish it.

Success and failure is all mental. One person could have a totally different definition of what success is compared to someone else.

Establish your own vision of what it means to be unstoppable, and don’t let anyone else define that for you.

Just don’t recognize failure and keep finding a different way to make it work.

Learn and adapt.

Put your head down and keep going.

It’s never over.

Find what success means to you and don’t stop till you get there.

Thanks and Be Great,


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