A Favorite Podcast of Mine

I have a ton of podcasts that I enjoy listening to. Podcasts are great because you can multi-task while listening to them. Working out, driving, and cooking, are a few activities that you can do while listening to a podcast.

One of my favorites is Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate by Rod Khleif. Now I want to get into real estate so that’s a big part of why I listen to this podcast, but Rod has a section called Own Your Power Success Tip. If you’re not interested in getting into real estate I would suggest still listening to this podcast.

On this section of his podcast, he goes through the most important part of achieving your goals and dreams, which is the mental part of success.

They are about five to seven minutes long and are a great mindset boost for the day.

He also brings on guests to talk about more than just real estate. Rod and his guests talk about goals, what drives them to keep going, and how they got started on the path to a life of fulfillment.

Rod is a very passionate guy and you will hear that right as you start his podcast.

Everyone can learn from him in some form or another so I would highly recommend this podcast. He has great tips on how to improve your life.

Thanks and Be Great,


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