A Three Word Question That Will Change Your Life

Three words that is a really simple question with an incredibly deep answer. This question can be the foundation of who we are and the reason we do things even though we may not want it.

Some people have never thought about this question, and others think about it everyday.

If you’ve never asked yourself this question, I recommend doing it and think really deep on your answers.

What you end up putting can be the reason you keep going when it looks like there’s no finish line.

Why do you wake up every morning and go to work?

Why do you continue pushing forward even though you have failed multiple times?

Why do you help others when you don’t have to?

What’s Your Why?

The possible answers to this question can create an amazing sense of purpose in your life. I never thought three words would become such a strong foundation for me and keep me going when life gets hard, but it has.

I have added my why’s as examples for anyone who hasn’t thought about it before. I look at my list every morning as a reminder to why I do everything in my life.

My Why’s are:

  • Being a man of immense value to others
  • Doing it for myself/future kids/wife
  • Doing it for future freedom & living life on my terms
  • Lifelong dream of being a successful entrepreneur
  • Being financially free so my family never has to worry about money. Ever.
  • Being physically, mentally, and spiritually in the best shape of my life so I can spend decades w/ family/friends and be there in support when needed
  • Help everyone I come across in some way
  • It’s my responsibility if something doesn’t go right, and my duty to fix the problem
  • Have fun with money in business, exotic vacations, and buying nice stuff for my family

Now I’m 21 years old, not married, and have no kids, but I went that deep with my answers because what I do today is going to directly impact the future of my life. It’s not only going to impact myself, but my wife, kids, friends, and anyone I can potentially help.

There’s some days I really don’t feel like doing much at work or even going to the gym. Thinking about my why’s instantly changes my mood and I just do it anyways.

I know in the long run, it’s going to pay off.

Make your why’s deep enough and that will be the biggest and only motivation you will ever need.

Write your why’s and look at them everyday. It will change your life.

Thanks and Be Great,


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