Perfection. It’s a word people use to describe a variety of different things.

You may strive for perfection in business, relationships, or Instagram posts.

This can be a great word for many things. The only problem is that it’s fake.

Perfection is unattainable.

No matter how much time or effort you spend on something, it won’t be perfect.

Nothing will ever be perfect.

So instead of going after something fake, I strive for something that is attainable.

Strive For Excellence

I strive for excellence in all areas of my life.

My relationships, health, work, mindset, etc.

This all can be accomplished as excellent.

You can achieve excellence in your life.

Whatever situation you’re in, you can make it amazing. You can make an excellent cake, term paper, or presentation for work.

It Ends In Disappointment

If you strive for perfection, you might find yourself caught in analysis paralysis.

This is the state of over-analyzing a situation so that a decision is never taken. This paralyzes the outcome because you might be thinking about the situation too much.

Perfection, in most cases, isn’t necessary in decisions. If it’s a life alerting decision, then you might want perfection.

Striving for perfection will just disappoint you in the end because you were not able to make it a perfect situation.

You might be in a situation and you don’t think it’s “perfect” yet.

Make the situation as great as possible and just put it out there.

If it’s a new product, big semester paper, or something you’re completely new to, just do it!

From there you can tweak the situation and continue to make it better. We can’t get feedback on anything if all we do is try to make something perfect. You could miss a great opportunity going after perfection.

Striving for excellence is taking action, making something incredible, and throwing it out for everyone to give feedback.

Perfection leaves you overthinking about small details, leaving you disappointed, and putting you in analysis paralysis.

Go after excellence!

Thanks and Be Great,


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