The Only Constant in Life

There are a lot of different events that happen in our life.

Death of a loved one, losing a job, birth of a child, marriage, starting a business, and so on.

Events like these happen to all of us in some variation or another.

These events come and go as we grow old. There is only one thing in our life that is continuously going.

It waits for no one.

It doesn’t stop or slow down no matter how much you beg it to.

This ‘thing” is time.

Time is the only consistent part of life.

No matter what the clock keeps on ticking.

Start that business, take that job, travel more, and ask that girl out!

Whatever it is, there will be no perfect time.

Quit with the excuses on not having time.

No Time or Just Excuses?

Everyone always hears the normal sayings from others about the topic of time.

“I don’t need to start saving money, I have time.”

“I’ll have time later in life to travel!”

“Once I get more time in my day, I’ll work out.”

“24 hours is not enough time to get everything done, I need more time!”

If you’ve ever said anything along the lines of these sentences, you have to MAKE time.

Life is all about priorities.

How we spend our time is a direct reflection of who we are and where we want to be in the future.

I make time for the important things in my life. Anything that doesn’t involve me getting better, happier, or wealthier is not important to me.

It’s Not Going to Stop

Time doesn’t care that you have a swamped schedule. It doesn’t give a damn if you’re tired.  

Time will not stop.

When you look back at your life in 30 years, are you going to be able to say you controlled your time?

Taking control of what you spend your time on is a must.

Are you building valuable relationships with others that help you to become better? Are the things you do today helping you to grow as an individual?

Take a good look at what you spend your time on.

Is time really the issue or is it you?

Thanks and Be Great,


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