3 Days of Inspiration

This past weekend I spent three days in Baltimore with my dad for Rod Khleif’s Multi-Family Real Estate Bootcamp. If you didn’t get the chance to read my last post on Rod, here is the link: https://visionofwealth.blog/2019/09/06/a-favorite-podcast-of-mine/.

I have been listening to his podcast for a few months now and I can tell he’s very passionate about real estate, but most importantly the mindset behind an amazing life.

This event far exceeded anything I thought it would.

I met and talked to around 30-40 people in a few short days.

Not a single person I talked to had anything negative to say.

Everyone was positive, wanting to answer questions, and willing to learn.

He gets you out of your comfort zone by having you go find new people to chat with.

There’s sections where we go through different mindset topics of his event and he would choose people to say what they wrote. Well, I was lucky enough to not only do it once but twice.

The best part of the entire event was the amount of energy and positivity all 500 of us had. It was the type of energy that’s hard to describe.

I could feel the energy and positivity through the room it was so inspiring.

If you don’t plan on ever being in the real estate industry, go to one of his events for the mindset sections and to feel the energy that was present.

It will be hard not to be positive from now on just from those three days.

Find a way to have that same passion every day, and your life will end up pretty incredible.

Thanks and Be Great,


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