The Steps to Success

Take a look at this photo. It’s not too hard to understand what is going on.

Guy in the green is failing and thinking about it too much. He sees this failure as the end. He gets in a bad mood and probably will give up.

Guy in the blue is failing but building a staircase with each failure. He keeps going and knows that eventually he will figure it out. He’s building a staircase to success.

One guy is letting his failures stop him on the progress he’s made. The other is using the failures to get to his end goal.

The only way you fail is if you don’t learn from the experience and give up. We’re all going to make a lot mistakes in our lifetime so shifting your mindset on this topic is critical.

Your failures are just lessons on the way to eventually achieving the goal.

If you see the mistakes you’ve made as a learning experience, you are just finding out ways to not do it. Build enough of these learning experiences and you will achieve your goal.

A quote from Thomas Edison states this perfectly, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

Edison tried 10,000 different variations of the light bulb and didn’t give up. 10,000. That’s insane.

If Thomas Edison can try 10,000 different ways to make a light bulb and not give up, neither should you.

Look Ahead

I use to beat myself when I would make a mistake.

Struck out in baseball, missed a catch in football, missed a problem in school I should’ve got right. Overtime, I realized I wasn’t helping myself in anyway by dwelling on my mistakes.

Now if I make a mistake I take a couple seconds to reflect on it, and after that I move on.

I learn from that mistake and now know not to make it again.

None of us can change the past so look ahead and don’t dwell on your mistakes.

Use your failures as stepping stones to get to your goals, not as weights holding you down.

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