Start The Day Off Right

We all start our days off different.

Some of us get up with enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a full breakfast.

Others might be running late, barely ready to get to work as their heading out the door.

Here are a few ways I start my day off on the right foot:

  • Drinking a big glass of water right as I wake up and then I make my bed
  • Some light mediation and then time to thank God
  • Writing down my goals, reading over my why’s, and the major focus points of my life
  • Working out
  • Eat a healthy breakfast

I think having a morning routine is important and can give you some great momentum for the day.

Each task has it’s purpose in my morning routine and all of them help me to start my day on the right track.

For me, my routine keeps me aligned and gets me ready to attack the day that I have ahead. It’s the one thing that I can count on if everything else in my life is going 1,000 mph.

Whether you have a morning routine or not, there is a simple task to start your day on a good note and also accomplishing something at the same time.

Making your bed.

There is a book called Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven.

Yes, as simple as it sounds making your bed is a great task to start your day.

I honestly never made my bed that consistently before I read this book, but once I finished it I made it a point to always make my bed.

What does making your bed have to do with anything?

McRaven states that it’s more than just making your bed, it’s about accomplishing something right as you wake up, the discipline and attention to detail to a task completed. Making your bed can give you some satisfaction that you completed something if you had a bad day.

Start each day with a task completed and then you have set yourself up for a great day. Now whatever happens after making your bed is a different story.

It’s a simple task, but one that has a ton of impact on the day you can have.

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

Thanks and Be Great,


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