Who Are We to Judge?

It’s something that’s never going away. Something that is sadly a part of life.

We can try our best to stop others from judging but it must start with the person who judges.

You hear it all the time.

“Why does she wear those dirty clothes? She needs new clothes!”

“That kids an idiot for taking that job!”

Two questions to ask when someone is judging another person:

  1. Why?
  2. Who are we to judge?

Why are you judging someone else? To me, there’s no point at all because it’s belittling someone else. Judging others doesn’t do anything but bring us down to a lower level.

Who are we to judge others? If it’s not your life, then it’s not your decisions.

People may need a second job even though they may not want to work more.

Some people may not be able to afford the newest clothes that just came out so they just continue to wear what they have.

If what other people are doing doesn’t impact your life in anyway, then why judge someone?

We don’t know the whole story of other people’s lives so instead of judging, let’s be compassionate and willing to help someone in need.

Bring positivity into the world instead of judgement.

Next time you hear someone judging another person, catch them in the act and stand up for the person. More than likely that person isn’t present in the conversation to defend themselves.

Start catching yourself in the act of judgement and bring positivity to that person somehow. Find a way to help them in anyway instead of laughing or making fun of them.

Thanks and Be Great,


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