A Desire So Big

To start, this is one of my favorite books. If you have never read it before, go buy it right now.

It’s truly a masterpiece in written form.

Think and Grow Rich is written by a great writer in Napoleon Hill.

He studied and researched over a 500 well-known men. A few of these men were Henry Ford, Wilbur Wright, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, and Charles Schwab.

Talk about an amazing list of successful men and that’s not even close to everyone he studied.

The chapters are comprised of 13 different steps to riches. He talks in terms of money, but it relates to everything in life.

The First Step To Riches

Napoleon starts the book off with the topic of desire.

Having a sense of desire is crucial to creating a life of riches.

Desire isn’t just something that you can set aside and come back to.

Desire is a burning feeling inside of you that literally consumes you.

If this goal is big enough, that’s the only thing you will think about.

Whatever you have a burning obsession for, it shouldn’t be a wish or a possibility that you will succeed. It’s a definite desire to achieve whatever you want in life.

Health, financially, spiritually, community wise, or whatever you want is there for you.

You need a desire so big that nothing comes in your way.

Start by making a definite goal, and then put everything into that goal.

Put blood, sweat, tears, and all your effort to achieve this goal.

Sitting around and wishing for this to come true is not going to do anything. You have to desire and want it so bad there’s no going back.

There are no other choices, winning is the only outcome. Giving up can’t even cross your mind.

Napoleon states in one paragraph, “no one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality.”

If you do not accept defeat at any point in the journey of your desire, you will not lose!

Create that burning desire towards a life-changing goal!

Go make it happen!

Thanks and Be Great,


One thought on “A Desire So Big

  1. This book should be required reading in high school….be sure to reread and write in the margins…make notes….thanks for reminding me to reread.


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