A Life of Discipline

It’s that point of the day again, it’s early afternoon and you just got off your lunch break. You have a few hours left at work and then can’t wait to head home to party with friends or watch the usual crappy Thursday Night Football game.

You think you can coast the rest of the work day away without your boss knowing. I completely get it, you’re tired and just have had a long day.

There’s things that need to be done but pushing them to tomorrow sounds better because today has been “too hard.”

“Eh, whatever, I”ll get to it tomorrow.”

As you walk to your car, your mind probably wanders and drifts away to what you should have for dinner.

Spaghetti? Pizza and beer? Chicken?

You get home and do your usual nightly events watching TV, spending time with kids or your significant other.

Bed time is close so you go and call it a night.

Fast forward to the morning and the alarm goes off again and it’s time to get back to work.

Just like any other work day, you get lunch ready and head on over to your car. You get to the office and eventually to your desk right after chatting with some coworkers about the game last night. Then it hits you.

It hits so hard it feels like an elephant just dropped right on top of you.

There it is, sitting on your desk in the same spot. The task you didn’t get done yesterday because you wasted a hour or two in the afternoon.

Does this feel like something you’ve gone through before?

This happens to everyone at some time, but is this how you really hold yourself to be at your best?

I don’t think so.

I’m no perfect person, I tend to push things to the next day just like the next person. However, if it needs to be done today, why wait for tomorrow?

What does that really do?

It could’ve been done yesterday but it’s still on your never ending to-do list.

Finishing The Task at Hand

Need to clean the house but you’d rather crack a cold one and throw you’re feet up for the night?

Do It Anyways.

Have some dishes that need to be put away, but doing it tomorrow sounds a lot better?

Do It Anyways.

You’re tired from a long day of meetings and don’t want to wake up early tomorrow for your workout? The snooze button sounds really good right now doesn’t it?

Do It Anyways.

Your significant other asked you to do something but it can wait another because it’s not that important?

Do it anyways. The task that’s not that important to you, could be a huge deal for your significant other and I don’t think anyone wants to let their significant other down. I know I don’t.

Hopefully you see the common theme here. Whenever you think “I can push this task off till tomorrow, it’ll be alright.”

That’s when you finish through with the task. Quit thinking about it and finish it.

Anytime I’ve thought I can push something off, but do it anyways, that’s one hell of a feeling. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and finishing something for good.

Live a life of discipline so you stay ahead of that to-do list of death that never ends.

Thanks and Be Great,


Refer to a recent post on 100% Ownership that relates to this as well: visionofwealth.blog/2019/10/09/100-ownership/.

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