A Guide To Inner Excellence

Our mindset is a very powerful element in our life.

You can be the greatest physical athlete ever but if you’re mindset isn’t at the same elite level than you will not perform at the highest level.

There is an amazing book on how to improve your mindset.

This is a book is called Mind Gym and written by two men named Gary Mack and David Casstevens. It’s meant for athletes but what is written applies to overall life as well.

Mind Gym was one of the very first self-improvement books that I read early on. It’s 224 pages long, but the chapters are about 5 pages each. There are four different parts in the book so it breaks up nicely.

The book is an incredibly easy read and I definitely will be coming back to read it again in the future.

Trust Your Stuff

“Be decisive. A wrong decision is greatly less disastrous than indecision.” -Bernhard Langer

“If there is doubt in your mind. . . how can your muscles know what they are expected to do? -Harvey Penick

These are the two quotes that start this chapter. Take out the word muscles in the second quote, plug in something else life related and it still relates.

It’s better to make a decision and have it be wrong than not a make decision at all.

You can learn from a wrong decision but won’t learn anything from indecision.

If you have trouble making decisions, take a look back at how far you’ve progressed in your journey.

You’ve got this far, you can finish it.

Trust yourself that you have put in the time towards getting better and that you know what you’re doing.

Having doubts about a decision can literally be paralyzing. When we doubt ourselves we start overthinking. Once we overthink we come up with every situation that could happen.

The thing about overthinking is that it’s based on “What If” situations.

What if this happens? What if this goes wrong? What if they say no?

This is when indecision settles in. The key to making decisions is to kill the overthinking thoughts as soon as they start.

I tend to overthink at times so I know about this quite well.

I’m way better than I use to be in terms of overthinking because I trust myself in my abilities.

If something ends up going downhill, you have to trust that it’s going to end up alright. This decision might have been wrong but you just need to keep moving forward.

Commit 100% to every decision and action you take. If you make a decision to do something, completely commit to it.

Switch from thinking mode to trusting mode.

You got this.

Thanks and Be Great,


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