There’s More Than Enough For Everyone

An argument of some sort has probably happened in the past with your spouse, kids, co-workers, other family members, friends, etc.

Arguments happen all the time.

People tend to think in two terms, win/lose or lose/lose.

Meaning either if one side wins then that person is happy otherwise they both can’t win.

If an individual can’t win then most people don’t want other people to win.

People are selfish so they want to make sure they get enough value out of the things they put time into.

The thing is, there is another way to go about these types of situations.

It’s called win/win.

There is a great book by Stephen Covey titled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that talks about this topic really well.

Win/win is when someone has a frame of mind and heart constantly seeking mutual agreement in all and every human interactions.

It’s based on the perception that there is more than enough for everybody.

Someone’s success doesn’t take away from another individual’s success.

Win/win situations are not my way or this person’s way, but the best mutually beneficial way.

These win/win scenarios are started by having maturity and an abundance mentality where everyone honestly wants to meet at an agreement of benefit.

Without maturity or an abundance mindset, the win/win situation probably won’t be an option at all because of the person’s mindset.

There is more than enough for everyone to win.

I don’t take away from your part and you don’t take away from mine, because the amount of success everyone can achieve is so huge.

Start with a win/win scenario at mind and the disagreements that come about in your life will be better off in the end.

Thanks and Be Great,


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