How You Can Save Time and Money

Yes, you read that right. (Fare warning this post is going to be a long one, so sit tight, and I hope you enjoy.)

Not only is there is something that can save you time, but also money.

That’s the best of both worlds right there.

Or what Eddy from Christmas Vacation says “the gift that keeps on giving!”

If an activity can save me time and money, it definitely has my attention.

This activity is meal prepping.

Essentially, meal prepping is making more than one meal at the same time. So you’ve probably meal prepped before even if it was just for the next meal.

That’s how I started.

Making a meal to eat right after and then have the next meal ready as well. This was good for awhile but then I realized there had to be more to it.

At the time, I was usually cooking everyday after work.

Add up 5 days and a minimum of a hour of cook time a day = 5 hours of cooking a week.

I knew there was a better more efficient way of cooking, so I looked to meal prepping.

Let’s just it’s been a life changer.

I now save a ton of time and money on cooking and buying groceries.

Here are the major benefits of meal prepping:

Saving Time

Instead of doing 5 separate days of cooking for each individual meal, you can do 5 or more meals all at once in about a hour to a hour and a half.

Instantly saves close to four hours a week.

Lowers Your Grocery Bill

Meal prepping helps to lower the always expensive grocery bill by only picking out what you need to eat for that set of meals.

Once you figure out how much you need in each meal, it becomes a lot easier to predict how much of each ingredient to buy.

I go on a week-to-week basis of making new meals. Anything over a week and you’re messing with some food you’re dog might not even touch it.

Takes Away Temptation

If you’re on a diet or trying to eat healthy, meal prepping will take all the temptation of trying to go get some chicken nuggets from Mickey D’s.

The next time you go to eat you can grab the meal instead of having to cook something.

It’s in your fridge ready to go for you.

Grocery Shopping Becomes Easier

Since you know what meals you’re making this upcoming week, you spend the time in the grocery store a lot more efficiently.

Knowing how much you need of each ingredient and what will get you enough for these meals.

You can get in and out in no time.

Portion Control

Meal prepping helps with figuring out a balance for your portions.

If you’re counting calories then getting those portions in control will help with that.

Here are some of the prepped meals that I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

Steak, avocado, peppers, and rice.
Burrito Bowl: Chicken, peppers, avocado, beans, corn, and rice. This was my favorite one so far.
Ground beef, green beans, tomatoes, and rice.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m keeping it simple. The simpler it is, the better in my eyes.

(Check out my post about living a healthy lifestyle:

There is no exact perfect formula on how to meal prep.

You can adjust depending on your situation. The more you do and try different ways to meal prep, the better and easier it becomes.

I’ve been doing it for about a month and meal prepping is now apart of my life.

You just block out a day (I do my cooking on Sundays) to buy the food, cook, and prep it.

Hopefully if you try it out, you will see the benefits from it as much as I have.

The hardest part is just getting started.

Thanks and Be Great,


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