Motivation Is. . .

What is motivation? Is it something that only very few can possess and have work in their favor?

Or is motivation simply available to everyone?

When reality eventually sets in, motivation is really just fake.

It’s a feeling that comes and goes.

Essentially, motivation is a pile of garbage glossed over with gold paint to make it look like the one thing you’ve been missing from achieving your goals.

Some days you feel like you’re on the top of world and can conquer anything.

And other days you feel like doing absolutely nothing at all.

Everybody goes through this cycle of feeling motivated for a couple days and then losing it right after.

Your motivation probably falls off a cliff some days and if it was right in front of your face you wouldn’t even be able to see it.

Don’t buy into the motivation garbage.

Is motivation important? Yes.

Is it the missing success tip you’ve been searching around for to get what you’ve always desired? No.

Let me explain.

Why Motivation Is Fake

You’re never going to feel like it.

If we’re all being honest with ourselves, there are times where we don’t want to do a certain task.

There are tasks where we really don’t feel like doing it at all. We almost force ourselves at times to even start the task, let alone finish through with it.

Motivation is kind of like a roller-coaster. On one corner of the track you’re low and just stay down and then you shoot up into the sky so high a bird goes past your face.

And then back down you go.

Up, down, up, and back down.

If you base the tasks you need to finish on how “motivated” you are, it’s going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

Look Here Instead of Motivation

Drive. Hunger. Your why’s. The huge goals that you have set for yourself.

These are the things that are going to get you through the times where your motivation is lower than low.

This is a few examples of what to look for when your motivation is long gone.

Don’t feel like doing a task? Look at your why’s. Look at the goals you have set.

The sense of motivation is very short-term. It doesn’t last very long at all. Sometimes a few days and other times within minutes it goes away.

Motivation can help you get things done that are quick and easy.

Your drive and hunger for the goals you set are the long-term thinking. It’s a deep set of values and a vision into the future when you accomplish that goal.

Motivation is really just sticking the key in the ignition and starting the car.

The actual work is done when you push on the accelerator and push through the loss of motivation to finish the task.

Motivation doesn’t last, hunger and drive do.

Thanks and Be Great,


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  1. Back in the “good old days” we use to tape a picture of our goals on the bathroom mirror, so every morning we could see who was responsible for our goal. Also a full length mirror in your dressing room wall so you can dress for who you want to be that day.

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