A Day In My Life

For this one, I decided to do something a little different than my usual posts.

I’m going to talk about my daily schedule and what my life is like.

So, I’m a very set routine person. Without some kind of routine I don’t know what needs to get done or where I have to go.

I know I get more done when I have a scheduled compared to not having one.

Here is a basic outline of a normal day for me:

Alarm goes off at 5:00

5:00 AM: Get up and drink a big glass of water. From there I meditate for a few minutes, pray, write down what I’m grateful for and my goals, and look at my affirmations.

5:30 AM: Read out of the current book I’m into right now. At this time it’s Think and Grow Rich for the 2nd time.

6:00 AM: Head to the gym and exercise for about a hour.

7:00 AM: Come back to my apartment and get ready for work. Have the much needed daily cup of coffee. Highly recommend the Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla!

8:00 AM: Arrive to work.

I check emails and any messages from our residents. Depending on the day and what we have going on, I could be running around for a few hours dong inspections, picking up trash, posting notices to enter some units, and taking care of small maintenance issues like a smoke alarm battery going out.

I’m not much of a maintenance guy so I get the easy ones.

12:00 PM: Head back to my apartment for lunch.

12:30 PM: Walk over to the college complex office where I work at in the afternoons.

At this office, I usually will have a tour to give, pick up some more trash, walk the property to make sure it’s looking good, and tag cars with no parking passes (Yeah, I’m that guy).

5:00 PM: Get off of work and walk back to my apartment. Eat meal I prepped on Sunday.

Work on a blog post if not already done yet.

6:00 PM: Practice writing to make sure I’m improving on a daily basis.

7:00 PM: Look at real estate markets I’m looking at and search for properties I might be interested in.

8:00 PM: Work on my side hustle I’m currently doing. Looking to become a copywriter in the real estate industry and finding real estate agents to reach out to so I can help them with their property descriptions.

9:00 PM: Spend time with my girlfriend watching Netflix.

10:00 PM: Go through what I’m grateful for from earlier that day, the wins I got, and write down my goals once more.

Check my schedule for anything I might have going on tomorrow.

10:30 PM: Get ready for bed, hit the hay, and do it all again tomorrow!

Life obviously gets crazy so my day-to-day schedule changes quite a bit depending on what I have going on.

A routine works for me because I know what I’m going to do and then I just get it done. Setting aside a time for an activity and having a list of things to to-do everyday makes me stay on track towards my goals.

Some people are more go with the flow and just get things done whenever it needs to be done. It’s all about what works with you and your life. If you want to procrastinate till the last minute, go right ahead. That method definitely isn’t for me.

I like having tasks done on time and if I need extra work on the project I can still tweak it.

Work and kids are a huge factor in our daily schedule and sometimes we have to adapt to the changes. My schedule is way different than someone who has two kids to take to school.

There is never only one way to do something, just find what works with you and run with it.

Thanks and Be Great,


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