You Need This To Be Successful


What exactly is it?

Why is consistency needed in life?

Consistency is the basically putting in effort towards something.

It can a putting time into a relationship, exercising, a blog, or reading on a daily basis. The list can go on forever.

The thing about consistency is there’s no chance at having successful without it.

It’s needed because if we don’t work on something continuously, we’re not able to grow and become better from the trials of failure.

Here’s an example:

There are two guys who both exercise. Both of them have the same goal, which is to get stronger.

One guy goes to the gym five days a week and for a hour each time. He sticks to his workout plan to the T and maybe misses a day every blue moon. This guy doesn’t get too difficult, keeps it simple and pushes himself.

The other guy goes to the gym when he finds time. Well, he only makes it to the gym a day or two, but when he goes it’s all out. This guy is like the Tasmanian devil on something in the gym.

One month out of the blue he goes 5 times a week for the whole month. Looks like he’s finally starting to get on the right track.

A new month rolls around and he goes back to his old ways of only going when he finds time (no consistency!).

So over time, who is going to get stronger?

The easy answer is the first guy.

Why? He was more consistent. The first guy wasn’t going crazy but he was pushing himself to get better everyday. He stuck to his regimen and didn’t fall off much at all.

The other guy wouldn’t see the results he wanted because of the fact there was no consistency.

This is why consistency is so important. Without it, the results are not going to be what you want.

Staying consistent is really tough in anything. We have daily distractions, life events happen, the list goes on and on.

With any goal we set for ourselves, it’s better to be consistent on a daily basis than finding time every once in a while and going all out to the max.

Consistency is built on daily action towards a goal.

I think this picture resembles consistency very well.

You can be consistent at something for a week or a month, but if you don’t do it on a daily minimum the results are not going to be there.

Without consistency, the “dream” isn’t going to become a reality. It’ll take time and hard work, but with a lot of consistency anything can happen.

Become crazy consistent and life will start going in a different direction for you.

Thanks and Be Great,


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