True Meaning of This Time

It’s that time of the year again.

Decorating the tree, cookies being baked, presents bought, and put underneath the tree.

We’re all traveling and getting ready for the big day.

Now through all the hustling to get the Christmas list completed and the decorations looking perfect, don’t forget about the most important part of Christmas.

The rest of the stuff is great, but let’s not forget about the real meaning of the Holidays.

The most important thing about this time of year is the opportunity we have to spend time with our loved ones.

It’s not about how expensive of a gift you get someone, but the time spent with them.

One movie I think portrays this really well is The Grinch.

At the end of the movie, the Grinch steals all the presents from the Who’s because he wants to ruin Christmas for them. They notice all the presents are gone, but the Who’s just go back to singing.

The Grinch doesn’t understand because he thought the presents are what the Who’s cared about.

To the Who’s they never cared about the presents, but the just spending time together.

Here is a link to the scene I’m talking about:

This movie is a great reminder to all of us about the true meaning of the Holidays.

Like the Grinch said, “Maybe, Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

So when you’re spending time with family and friends this Holiday season, remember it’s not about the presents, food, or how perfect everything has to be, but it’s about the time spent with ones we love.

Through all the chaos of buying presents, getting food prepped, and traveling, take time to reflect on what it’s all about. I know I can lose focus at times trying to get all the presents ready so it’s a great reminder.

Christmas is a little more than just some presents, it’s time spent with the ones we love.

Thanks and Be Great,


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