Everyone Has This In Common

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jess Bezos, and you all have this one thing in common.

86400 seconds.

1440 minutes.

24 hours.

This is something every single person on the planet of Earth all have.

We’re all pretty different in our own way, but the 24 hours we get each day is the one consistent thing in life.

Everyone has the same opportunity each and every day.

What we decide to do with our new 24 hours of the day is completely up to us.

Not everything in this life is equal for everyone, but the 24 hours we all get is that one thing.

Life comes down to one thing, and the one thing is choices.

The difference between people who are defined as “successful” and you, is the choices of everyday life.

We have the option to choose what we spend our time on.

Here’s a list of some different examples to choose from.

  • Watching TV or reading a book
  • Sleeping in an extra hour or getting a hour of exercise
  • Listening to music in the car or listening to a podcast
  • Playing video games constantly or doing something meaningful
  • Scrolling through Twitter for a hour or educating yourself on a new topic
  • Sugary treat or healthy snack

These are just a few examples of the choices we can make in our daily lives.

Looking to improve your life?

Start with these simple daily choices.

Instead of just listening to music in the car all the time, pick up a podcast about a topic you want to learn about.

There might be a time when a sugary treat is an option but choosing a healthier snack is the way to go.

People who have achieved great things in life, didn’t get their magically. It begins with the power of daily choices.

The choices we make today are a direct reflection of our lives in 6 months, 5 years, 15 years, and so on.

Now I’m not saying completely cutting out sugary treats, listening to music in the car, or watching TV, but moderation is key to everything.

I still listen to music, but I choose a self-help podcast more often now.

I continue to eat cookies and cake, but the food I eat on a daily basis is healthy.

I will play a video game here and there sometimes, but most of the time I’m working on something of meaning to me – like my blog.

Cutting activities out isn’t completely necessary but limiting the amount of time spent on those activities will improve our lives. I’m not saying to be working 24/7 and at all times, but to improve our lives we need to make the right choices or we won’t be getting anywhere.

Change one of the big daily choices, your life will slowly start to get better.

Our goals, dreams, and desires are all achieved by one thing, our daily choices. Goals are a step-by-step process and those steps are the daily choices we decide to make.

Next time there’s a goal you want to achieve, look at the daily choices you make.

Life boils down to a game of choices.

The decisions we make today impact how great tomorrow will be. Choose wisely.

Thanks and Be Great,


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