How Do You Stay On Track?

How do you plan out your days?

Or a more important question, do you even plan out your days?

If you don’t, why not?

Planning my days out in advance has been one of the biggest jumps I’ve made productivity wise this past year.

Check out my previous blog post A Day In My Life:

My days never use to be like this.

Before I planned out my days, it was kind of a free for all of what I would feel like getting done that day.

I started using a planner around this time last year. At the time, I was still in college, but I never really used a planner.

I was using the sticky notes app on my computer to get things done. Not the best way to go about it because I definitely lost track of assignments and tests, but it worked to get me through College.

The sticky notes weren’t working for me on the everyday life side of things so I decided to get a planner to start being more organized. I jumped from planner to planner and just couldn’t find one which worked for me.

Each one helped me become more organized and productive, but I needed something more.

My first planner was Grant Cardone’s daily goal/schedule planner. It was a good one, but I didn’t like the binding on it so I decided to change it up.

I then went to a Moleskin planner. It’s a basic $20 planner you can probably get at your local book store.

Moleskin planners are completely customizable so you can set up the planner how ever you want. This is a con/pro because you have to fill in what you want everyday by hand, but it’s custom to your needs.

Eventually after searching endlessly for a new planner with more structure to it than the Moleskin, I found the Simple Elephant Planner.

This planner has everything you need in it already in place. It includes pages for your goals, vision board, what you’re grateful for, a full year monthly calendar, and a daily/weekly calendar.

I chose this planner because it’s a year long so I don’t have to buy multiple ones every time I get to the end. It also has a monthly calendar which I felt like I was missing from the previous ones I used.

With this planner, I stay on top of my schedule, have my daily routine in it, and a daily/weekly section to organize my weeks.

There are a gazillion different types of planners out there, so finding the right one is difficult in itself. It’s important to find what your needs are as far as your life.

Some planners have more detailed daily sections and others are a week-by-week basis.

The one thing I recommend is to start using one now if not doing so already. A planner can help control the chaos of our daily lives when we think we’re losing it.

A planner isn’t set for just one person, but everybody has the ability to optimize their life with the right one.

Having something to put everything in to keep your eyes on the prize is important to gain progress in life.

Thanks and Be Great,


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