There Is Enough For All of Us

Imagine there is a piece of pie.

This pie can be apple (my favorite), cherry, pecan, or pumpkin pie. Whatever the flavor is, it’s not the main point. I really just added a picture of pie to grab people’s attention.

This piece of pie is huge. So huge everyone in the United States is included in it. The pie is so ginormous, it’s difficult to put into words how big it is.

Think of this pie as each of our lives and individually succeeding within the pie.

Some people believe this pie is all there is. There is no more after it’s all gone and so they have to get as much as they can as fast as possible. These people believe there isn’t enough to go around so they only think of themselves and tear others down because they want more.

The other side of the spectrum are the people who believe the pie is so big, everyone has enough and then some. People with this mindset know once the pie is all gone, they can just whip up another one and there will be more. This group of people are getting more for themselves along with helping others to get more of the pie. If someone else gets a little bit more pie then them, they congratulate the person on their awesome achievement.

By now, you all might know what I’m talking about.

It’s the subject of abundance vs scarcity mindsets.

Two sides of the subject where it happens everyday.

If someone else achieves something great, there are people who will congratulate them and share the achievement while others tear the person down with jealousy and a “why them and not me?” mindset.

The thing about this topic is someone’s success doesn’t take away from your success. This is how big the pie is.

A scarcity mindset is a killer in life. If you or anyone around you has a scarcity mindset, it needs to get the boot as soon as possible.

If you’re on the scarcity side of the spectrum, there is enough in the pie for you.

It might not seem like it but there’s enough. I’m sure of it.

Thanks and Be Great,


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