The Ed Mylett Show

One of the best podcasts out there is Ed Mylett’s.

Don’t know who Ed Mylett is?

He’s an author, speaker, peak performance expert, business leader, and as well as coaching and mentoring in the business field.

Ed is famous for his motto “MAXOUT YOUR LIFE”.

He’s an energetic guy who loves talking with others about what they do and anyone who listens to his podcast will know this.

Ed’s had just about everyone on this podcast you can imagine.

Here are just a few people who have been on his podcast:

  • Dean Graziosi
  • NFL Hall of Famers Terrell Owens and Marshall Faulk
  • Famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas
  • Former athlete and businessman Lewis Howes
  • Businessman Andy Frisella
  • Real Estate and Businessman Grant Cardone
  • Author and Ultra-marathon runner David Goggins
  • American Comedian and actor Frank Caliendo

He talks about everything from how to sleep better to how to have more confidence and everything in between.

Ed’s podcast is awesome because of the fact he has so many different type of people on to talk about what they do.

There isn’t just one set of people he has on, it ranges from comedians to former NFL players.

Getting the perspective of various types of topics is beneficial to us so we can grow our mindset on different subjects and improve ourselves. You learn about other people’s stories and how they went through all the failures to come out on top.

It’s inspiring, motivating, and just all around amazing.

Go check out his podcast, I’m sure there’s a podcast episode for you and #MAXOUT YOUR LIFE

Thanks and Be Great,


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