Why You Should Re-Read Books

Reading is one of the best activities to do with your time.


The author has compiled a bunch of information from years and years of studying, researching, or doing towards something and has put all the information in between two hard covers and a binding.

Not only can you learn from some of the greatest minds in the world, but it also shrinks the amount of time for you to do it.

Reading takes the time and learning curve of having to make those same mistakes yourself and compacts it into a much shorter time span.

Instead of making a bunch of mistakes over the course of a year, a book can shrink the time to a week or a month, depending on how fast you read obviously.

Missed Information

So to end the year I read one of my favorite books, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This was my second time I’ve read the book and wanted to start the new decade on one of the best books out there.

I picked up so much new information from this time I read the book. If I didn’t choose to re-read the book, I wouldn’t have picked up on some information.

When we read sometimes we miss a really good point or part of the book because we lose our focus, spot, or maybe something happens and reading needs to stop for now.

Whatever the reason, it’s always good to come back to a book to pick up anything you missed.

Forgetting The Main Points

When we read a book and find a part of it which really resonates with us, we start doing whatever was mentioned. After a week, month, year we tend to forget about things.

So re-reading a book introduces the points which had the biggest impact on us back into our life.

It’s more of a friendly reminder to keep on doing something if we’ve fallen off the habit.

Understand The Concept

This one kind of goes in align with the other two, but maybe you read a book and didn’t understand a concept the author was talking about. Taking the time to re-read a book will help in understanding that specific concept more.

It’s like when studying for a test. The first time the professor introduced a topic, everyone probably doesn’t entirely understand the concept of what was talked about.

Once you come back to it again before a test, it helps to re-introduce the concept again.

So in conclusion, if you’re on the fence on taking the time to re-read a book I would say do it. Overall, reintroducing some of the main points will be a good reminder if you’ve fallen off on a habit or mindset shift you learned.

Books are an incredibly great way to learn something in a very short amount of time.

Not only does it beat going through the process of having to learn it yourself, but some of the greatest minds in history have written books and to be able to tap into what they were thinking and observing about life is amazing.

Thanks and Be Great,


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