Do Not Fall Into The Trap


Look at a picture of a dog.

Scroll, scroll again.

Stop the timeline and check out a cool video of a random person doing something crazy.


Scroll some more.

Now the trap has you caught. Before you can even think, there goes 30 minutes, an hour, or even more scrolling through social media.

I’m 21 years old so I’m all for social media and the power it has… when it’s used right.

What am I talking about exactly?

I’m talking about the fact that social media is a deathly machine which can lead to lost productivity, comparing yourself to others, and just overall a time suck.

Social media is a very dangerous game. 

Very, very dangerous. 

Likes, followers, and staged photos. The whole nine yards and then some. 

There’s a reason Instagram now hides the number of likes on posts because people would get sad if they didn’t hit their usual likes count. 

I Got Caught Too

From my own personal experience, towards the end of 2019, I used social media a lot. A little too much. We all go through phases where we scroll for far too long at times.

The thing was if there was a little time of nothing to do during my day, I would go to social media. I got sucked in and the damn Instabook and Snaptwitter took over my time. I lost my focus, time, and started to go exercise my thumbs through social media instead of staying productive or on task.

How did I fix this? 

It was pretty simple actually. 

I made one of my 90-Day goals and 2020 goals to limit my time on social media and be more present. I then found out there’s a time limit section in the setting on an iPhone.

Yes, just like what parents would do to their kids with a time limit for the TV. 

I now have a daily limit set on my phone for a max of 1hr/day of social media. 

The first few days I did pretty well. I stopped relying on scrolling through social media right away because of this time limit set. 

One day, I hit the limit at the end of one day and my phone locked up all my social media apps. I couldn’t use them for the rest of the day. 

This one thing has completely changed my productivity and lost time just scrolling. 

Social media is a great tool when used correctly. We’re able to connect with friends who we might not see or talk to all the time. It’s a way to get information on news, weather, and updates on your favorite teams or businesses. 

When used in moderation, social media is a great tool to interact with others. The balance of finding where it’s in moderation and just a time suck needs to be examined by you. 

Everyone is different and has various ways to use social media. Some people’s jobs are to be on social media and others run a business from it. It all depends on the individual. 

Just don’t get caught in the time-suck machine. 

Thanks and Be Great, 


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